Local shopkeepers and bar owners are infuriated by an outbreak of robberies and break-ins in Via Conca dOro situated in Romes IV municipality, in Montesacro. The area is north-east of the city centre sandwiched just off the north circular road, running between Via Salaria and Via Nomentana.

In the last week thieves have broken in to a bar, two clothing shops, another selling underwear, a photo developers, a perfumery, a tobacconist and a chartered accountants office, all along the same stretch of the high street from numbers 226 to 285. In the space of one month Bar Antonini has been robbed three times. The criminals break in between 3.00 and 4.00 in the early hours of the morning, using giant tin cutters to slice through the rolling shutters. Inventories have been wrecked or stolen and even the accountants records were taken along with the office computer.

The victims have voiced considerable frustration with the ambivalence of both the police and of local residents. Nobody claims to have heard or seen anything.