Devotees of Dan Browns book "Angels and Demons" should hasten to the Castel S. Angelo where a summer evening festival called Sulle Terrazze di Castel S. Angelo is taking place. The festival is a mixture of different performances, cabaret, music, shows for children, exhibitions and stalls selling artisan products. From 15 July, as part of the festival, it will also be possible to walk the Passetto del Borgo, the ancient raised walkway that joins the castle to the Vatican city. Pontiffs would scuttle along it in times of danger to take refuge in the impregnable fortress of the Castel S. Angelo and from it the murderer in Brown's novel gained access to the castel thanks to the evil Camerlengo character.

The Passetto is rarely open to the public, even though it was restored by the ministry of fine arts in the millennium jubilee year at a cost of 4 million. This special opening will only be until 15 August when the festival ends.

Sulle Terrazze di Castel S. Angelo, Lungotevere di Castel S. Angelo until 15 August. 20.45 - 0.45. Tickets 8, reduced 6, children under eight years free. Entrance to the Passetto del Borgo 2 on top of the ticket price.

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