Street art in Rome

Where to find main street art projects and murals around Rome.

Rome's reputation as an important street art capital continues to grow with new murals by important Italian and international street artists being added all the time.

Most of the works are located in the suburbs, often far from the centre. Here is where to find the main street art projects and murals around the city.


Murals by Alice Pasquini, Diamond, Gio Pistone, Nicola Alessandrini. Casa dell'Architettura, Piazza Manfredo Fanti 47.

Gio Pistone murals at Casa dell'Architettura. Photo La Repubblica.


The M.A.G.R. (Museo Abusivo Gestito dai Rom), a project by French street artist Seth is located in a former soap factory on Via Antonio Avogadro, opposite Ostiense's landmark Gasometro. For details see website

Bricksit by Seth at M.A.G.R.

Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz

This former meat factory in the outskirts of Rome is now a street art museum as well as being home to some 200 squatters, many of them migrants. The Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz, or MAAM, is only open on Saturdays, and features the work of more than 300 artists including Eduardo Kobra, Gio Pistone, Sten&Lex and Diamond. For details see MAAM Facebook page. Via Prenestina 913.


Fronte Del Porto by Blu. Via del Porto Fluviale.

Fish’n'Kids by Agostino Iacurci. Via del Porto Fluviale.

Fish'n'Kids by Agostino Iacurci.

Wall of Fame by JB Rock. Via dei Magazzini Generali.

Wall of Fame by JB Rock

Shelley by Ozmo. Ostiense underpass, Via Ostiense.

Blu. Palazzo occupato, Via Ostiense.

Blu's mural on Via del Porto Fluviale.


Tributes to Pier Paolo Pasolini by Maupal, Mr. Klevra and Omino 71. Via Fanfulla da Lodi.

2501 mural on Via Fortebraccio.

Blu Landscape by Sten & Lex. Via Francesco Baracca.

Pasolini by Maupal on Via Fanfulla da Lodi.


Anna Magnani portrait by Diavù. Nuovo Mercato Trionfale, Via Andrea Doria.

Daniza the bear by ROA. Via Sabotino.

Daniza the Bear by ROA


The Roadkill by Fintan Magee. Via Cristoforo Numai.

Theseus stabbing the Minotaur by Pixelpancho. Via Pietro Bembo.


Tunnel murals by Mr THOMS and Gio Pistone. Via Decio Mure.

Nido di Vespe by Lucamaleonte. Via del Monte del Grano.

Nido di Vespe by Lucamaleonte

Baby Hulk by Ron English. Via dei Pisoni 89.

Baby Hulk by Ron English


Murals by Blu. Via Ciciliano and Via Palombini (Casal dè Pazzi).

Welcome to Rebibbia by Zerocalcare. Metro B station.

Detail of Blu mural on Via Cicilianio. Photo La Repubbica.

S. Basilio

SanBa features large-scale works on the facades of social-housing blocks in the disadvantaged north-east suburb of S. Basilio near Rebibbia. The regeneration project includes works by Italian artists Agostino Iacurci, Hitnes and Blu alongside Spain's Liqen. Via Maiolati, Via Osimo, Via Recanati, Via Arcevia, Via Treia.

Hitnes murals in S. Basilio. Photo Blind Eye Factory.

S. Giovanni

Totti mural by Lucamaleonte. Via Apulia corner of Via Farsalo.

It’s a New Day by Alice Pasquini. Via Anton Ludovico.

S. Lorenzo

Alice Pasquini. Via dei Sabelli.

Alice Pasquini mural on Via dei Sabelli. Photo Sergio Saffioti.

Feminicide mural by Elisa Caracciolo. Via Dei Sardi.

Borondo. Via dei Volsci 159.

Zero infinito by Agostino Iacurci on the Istituto Superiore di Vittorio Lattanzio. Via Aquilonia.

Zero infinito by Agostino Iacurci

S. Pietro

Uma Cabra by Bordalo II. Stazione di S. Pietro, Clivo di Monte del Gallo.

Uma cabra by Bordalo II


Hunted Wolf by ROA. Via Galvani.

#KindComments by Alice Pasquini, Via Volta, Testaccio market. 

Kind Comments by Alice Pasquini. Photo Jessica Stewart.

Tor Marancia

The Big City Life scheme features 14-m tall murals by 22 Italian and international street artists including Mr Klevra, Seth, Gaia and Jerico. Via Tor Marancia. For details see website

S. Maria di Shanghai by Mr Klevra for Big City Life. Photo Corriere della Sera.

Tor Pignattara

Dulk. Via Antonio Tempesta.

Etnik. Via Bartolomeo Perestrello 51.

Coffee Break by Etam Cru. Via Ludovico Pavoni.

Coffee Break by Etam Cru on Via Ludovico Pavoni.

Tom Sawyer by Jef Aerosol. Via Gabrio Serbelloni.

Pasolini by Diavù. Former Cinema Impero, Via Acqua Bullicante.

Hostia by Nicola Verlato. Via Galeazzo Alessi.

Detail of Herakut mural on Via Capua.

Herakut. Via Capua 14.

Agostino Iacurci. Via Muzio Oddi 6.