Italy: Florence wants to make helmets mandatory for electric scooter users

Electric scooter user killed in traffic accident in Genoa.

Florence mayor Dario Nardella has vowed to continue the "battle of common sense" to make helmets mandatory for electric scooter users after a decision by the Tuscan administrative tribunal (TAR) to reverse recent legislation by the city.

Nardella had issued an order, effective from 1 February, obliging electric scooter users in Florence to wear a helmet, even though they are not required to do so under Italy's highway code.

The legislation was appealed by companies who manage the rental of electric scooters in Florence and the courts ruling in their favour.

Nardella took to social media to seek government intervention and highlight the "multiple risks" involved, citing the tragic case of a 34-year-old Italian woman who was killed by a lorry while on an electric scooter in Genoa on 8 February.

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