Rome rolls out cobblestone-stamped sidewalks

Rome's new stamped concrete pavements replicate cobblestones.

Rome's newest sidewalks, in the southern Appio Claudio suburb, may at first glance look like they are made with the city's iconic 'sampietrino' cobblestones.

The pavements are in fact concrete, stamped with a sampietrino pattern, in a move that has sparked debate in a city where cobblestones already are the centre of many a disagreement.

The new cement sidewalks - a technique normally used for the flooring of shopping malls and commercial outlets - will replace the old asphalt, reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

"We opted for imprinted concrete to avoid always having to redo the asphalt of the pavements, stamped concrete is much more resistant and durable than normal asphalt and is more easily replaceable," said Rome's councillor for public works Salvatore Vivace.

The new look pavements will be installed along the entire stretch of Via Tuscolana as far as the Parco degli Acquedotti, according to La Repubblica.

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Address Via Tuscolana, Roma RM, Italy

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Rome rolls out cobblestone-stamped sidewalks

Via Tuscolana, Roma RM, Italy