Giant mural of Totti appears in Rome

AS Roma captain glorified in home neighbourhood

A giant mural of AS Roma captain Francesco Totti has appeared on the façade of the footballer's old school in the city's Porta Metronia district.

The mural covers two and a half floors of the Pascoli school which is located on the corner of Via Sibari and Via Apulia, just off Via Gallia and a few blocks away from Via Vetulonia, the street on which Totti grew up.

The artistic tribute to Totti appeared on 9 February, the same day that AS Roma met old rival Lazio in a much-anticipated derby which ended in a scoreless draw in Rome.

It is not clear yet who painted the enormous image which dwarfs the well-known Totti mural on a side street in Monti.

Neither is it clear if the mural will be allowed to remain or whether it will succumb to the same fate as the so-called Super Pope image which made headlines around the world before being painted out by city authorities.

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