From 20 November 2006 ashes of people cremated in Rome may be disposed of in the countryside, in rivers, the sea or in the Garden of Remembrance (Giardino dei Ricordi), within the cemetery at Prima Porta on the Via Flaminia. The garden is in a raised part of the cemetery and is planted with two hundred cypresses; there is a wooden walkway, leading to a point looking over to the Monti Sabini. From here the ashes are scattered. There is also a wall in the garden, on which the deceaseds name can be inscribed. Until now ashes have had to be either buried in a cemetery, or else, after a somewhat tortuous bureaucratic path, kept at a registered address, usually the home of one of the deceaseds close relations. The city has issued figures to show that in 2005, 5,500 were cremated, and that in the first nine months of 2006, 4600. For information on cremations, contact the Primma Porta cemetery call centre at 06-49236330 / 31 / 32 / 33 (from Monday - Friday. 8.30-12.30; Saturday 8.30-11.30; Tuesday and Thursday also 15.00-17.00). All the necessary forms can be downloaded from the AMA website, AMA, the citys rubbish collection agency, is also responsible for Romes cemeteries.