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Rome to cut number of electric scooters in city

Only two per cent of Rome's rental electric scooters are in use, says transport councillor.

Rome aims to greatly reduce the number of rental electric scooters in circulation in the capital, from 14,500 to 9,000, as part of a major overhaul of the sector.

The news was announced by the city's transport councillor Eugenio Patanè who said that out of 14,500 monopattini in Rome, only 268 are in use: the equivalent of just over two per cent.

Under the plans unveiled on Wednesday, the city wants to cut the number of scooter sharing companies from the current seven down to three, reports Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

By way of comparison, Patanè said that London "has only one bike sharing operator with 1,200 bikes and three operators with 3,656 scooters."

The city hopes to put out new three-year tenders by July, with scooter rental companies to begin the new terms in January next year.

Patanè also said that the city is studying new guidelines in relation to the safety and behaviour of electric scooter users, including the introduction of no-parking areas of the historic centre.

In 2020 cities across Italy welcomed large fleets of app-based electric scooters, with many urban commuters embracing the vehicles to avoid public transport due to covid-19 fears.

Since then the scooters have come in for much criticism, particularly in Rome, over the manner in which they are "parked" on the street.

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