Some 92 per cent of Romans are generally satisfied about living in the Eternal City, more than locals in London (90 per cent), Paris (88 per cent), Berlin (87 per cent) and Madrid (85 per cent), according to a survey on the Roman economy carried out by Censis for the Italian bank Unicredit. The survey takes a wide-ranging look at the latest trends in the local economy, which continues to grow despite the nationwide recession. It shows that 87 per cent of workers in the capital are now employed in services with the tourism, publishing and audio-visual sectors forming the backbone of the economy. Besides traditional assets like the property market and audio-visual works, great strides have been made in publishing with Rome overtaking Milan in 2003 for the number of publishing houses. Trade fairs at the Fiera di Roma are a good bet for future growth according to the report, but banking and finance need to adapt to the service-driven market, to better support the needs of cinema, publishing and scientific research.