A new survey of 13-19 year olds at one of Romes oldest secondary schools, the Tasso in Via Sicilia, reveals some of the habits, beliefs and passions of the so-called T Generation. In the poll, conducted by the students themselves, the respondents refuted the frequent claims in todays media that they are spoilt, ignorant about current affairs and only interested in fashion, gadgets and sex. A clear majority (two-thirds or more) of both sexes favour assisted fertilisation as well as contraception. Over half (boys 57 per cent, girls 60 per cent) believe in God although few are practising Christians. Far from being sex-obsessed, most respondents said they were in no hurry when it came to relationships, with only 38 per cent claiming to have had sexual intercourse. Many are smokers, though only 42 per cent of boys compared to 48 per cent of girls. Similar numbers habitually take drugs but few go beyond the soft drug cannabis. Despite most of the students at the Tasso being from comfortable middle-class families, 65 per cent of boys and 74 per cent of girls said their politics were centre-left. The strong bonds of Italian family life also appear to be in good shape with 86 per cent of boys and 84 per cent of girls judging relations with their parents as good.