Roma Tpl postpone strike to 18 October

Action postponed until national general strike

A strike by suburban bus company Roma Tpl, originally scheduled for Monday 7 October, has been postponed until Friday 18 October, from 08.30-12.30.

The strike by the suburban bus company, which operates 85 bus lines outskirts of the city, had been scheduled for 7 October by the Lazio branch of trade union Fit-CISL, over alleged non-payment of obligatory contributions to the employees' pension fund. Instead,

Cotral employees will now participate in the national general strike on 18 October which involves a major protest in Rome by trade unions COBAS, CUB and USB, whose members are calling for the renewal of contracts, an increase in wages and pensions and the reduction of working time, as well as protesting against austerity policies in Italy and Europe.