A new scheme involving marital courses for couples planning to tie the knot in a civil wedding kicks off on 17 January. The first 100 places for the initial round of courses have already been filled, and family councillor Pamela Pantano says the response has been overwhelming, with people also trying to enrol from cities outside Rome, such as Novara in northern Italy. Pantano is already Speakers at the 2.5 hour seminars will include psychologists, neuropsychiatrists and family law lawyers. Their viewpoints and advice will underpin the councils belief that couples preparing for civil marriages should have the same level of guidance and support as those who marry in churches and should perceive and acknowledge the commitment to a similar degree. Given the countless requests for separation and divorce, this is a vital point to face up to And it needs to be highlighted how much you should respect your partner Pantano ultimately adds. Tel 060606 for more information.