On New Years Eve in Rome there will be something for all the family. The theme is The city in flight and in three central squares there will be performances by 130 acrobats, jugglers, magicians and trapeze artists. The city mayor, Walter Veltroni has promised an enchanted night. At Piazza Augusto Imperatore there will be a magic show that Appears and disappears, at Piazza S. Silvestro there will be tango from Latin America, dancers who fly and fireworks on offer and at Piazza del Popolo there will be a centenary celebration of Peter Pan with flying ships, acrobats, cinema and baroque fireworks. All these activities are scheduled to start at 22.30 and end at 01.30. There will also be a parade from Via Veneto to Largo Chigi based on the film and musical Roman Holiday.

At Cinecitt campus there will be a free concert starting at 21.00, Ora X Capodanno 005 with performances by some of the best known names in Italian music, underground, hip hop and reggae from Torpedo, Assalti Frontali, Bluvertigo, Sud Sound System and Caparezza.

A group of city clubs and social centres have joined forces and will open Amore 05 a giant one- night disco at the Fiera di Roma, five pavilions, and over 15.000 sqm of dance floor where several well known djs will run simultaneous parties playing music to suit all tastes from 22.00 08.00 entrance 30.

On 1 January there will be entertainment for children based on the book The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupry, at Piazza del Popolo at 14.30.

On 31 December buses will run only until 21.00 and the metro will close at 02.30. All public transport will start again at 08.00 on 1 January. Traffic into the historic centre of the city, will be restricted from 21.00 on 31 December until 07.00 on the following morning and no traffic will be allowed into the areas where there are outdoor festivities for the public.