In the municipality elections 17 of the 19 seats were won by candidates from Asia; nine by candidates from the Philippines, six from Bangladesh, two from Sri Lanka. One seat was won by a candidate from Africa, a Mali national. One came from Europe, from Albania. Five of the winning candidates were women.

The results were as follows:-

I Municipality Afsar Nurul known as Hiron (Bangladesh).

II Municipality Hilarion Pizarro Pacpaco (Philippines).

III Municipality Edmond Godo (Albania).

IV Municipality Leonides Daigdigan DelCarmen (Philippines).

V Municipality Monir Hossain (Bangladesh).

VI Municipality Mumenul Islam (Bangladesh).

VII Municipality Fatoumata Nirina Konate (Mali).

VIII Municipality Nelie Nardo Nolasco (Philippines).

IX Municipality S.M. Saiful Islam (Bangladesh)

X Municipality. Udin AhmedWashi (Bangladesh)

XI Municipality Nazim Uddin Mollah (Bangladesh).

XII Municipality Rachel Gutierrez Dolor (Philippines).

XIII Municipality Marius Edgad Fernando Selma Guruge (Sri Lanka).

XV Municipality Violeta Rosales Valerio (Philippines).

XVI Municipality Pia Eliza Angeles Gonzalez (Philippines).

XVII Municipality Alvin Cube Ponce (Philippines).

XVIIIMunicipality Flora Sawali Calangi (Philippines).

XIX Municipality Exequiel Binoya Garcia (Philippines).

XX Municipality Chandana Lalith Thappawarige (Sri Lanka).

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