In the Rome city elections for immigrant representatives to sit on the city and the municipal councils, 18,918 people voted out of the 33,000 registered voters, a turnout of 57.33 per cent. The four (non-voting) seats on the city council, which have been divided between four continent groups, went to Irma Tobias Perez from the Philippines (representative for Asia and Oceania) with 1,245 votes (6.58 per cent), Ionut Gabriel Rusu from Romania (for Europe) with 513 votes (2.86 per cent), Santos Taboada Zapata from Peru (for the Americas) with 363 votes (2.02 per cent) and Aziz Darif from Morocco (for Africa) with 271 votes (1.51 per cent).

Perez's victory as Asian representative comes despite the fact that her co-national Romulo Sabio Salvador received the most votes of any candidate (2,539 votes or 14.14 per cent). Salvador had to give up his place to Perez, since election rules stipulated that at least one female representative the one with the most votes sit on the city council.

In the municipality elections, 17 of the 19 seats were won by candidates from Asia; nine by candidates from the Philippines, six from Bangladesh, two from Sri Lanka. One seat was won by a candidate from Africa, a Mali national. One came from Europe, from Albania. Five of the winning candidates were women.

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