A car sharing system which is on trial in the III municipality in Rome, around the area of the Piazza Bologna,is proving so popular that plans are being made to introduce a similar system in the historic centre of the city within the next three months. To take part, the car user has to register and pay an initial fee of 100, a credit type card is issued to the registered user who may then book a car by telephone and use the card to gain access to the vehicle. The car sharer pays 1.80 an hour for a small car or 2.40 for a larger car, plus 0.35 per kilometre. The cars in this system are allowed free access to the Ztl, the areas of the city accessible to traffic holding a special permit, and they may park for free in metred parking spaces. The new car share pick up points are expected to be at the Stazione Termini, Piazza Augusto Imperatore and at Piazza Mastai. For information on car sharing see www.atac.roma.it