Since the swearing in of Lazios new regional president, Mario Marrazzo, who was elected during last months regional poll, a major knock-on effect has seized the local health service, according to reports in Italian daily Corriere della Sera. Heads among the top administrators are rolling with better performing managers a prerequisite for better-functioning hospitals and clinics. At least 16 director-generalships are expected to change hands within the first three months of president Marrazzos term. The first task for many of the new appointees will be to cut waiting times and redistribute resources, at present largely soaked up by Rome, to the regions other four provinces of Viterbo, Rieti, Latina and Frosinone. Lazios GPs want the new president to make good on his campaign promises by putting more emphasis on primary care services, such as day hospitals, rather than building more big hospitals, according to their spokesman, Pier Luigi Bartoletti. He added that time and money-saving services, such as appointment hotlines, also deserved more promotion.