Bridge 9, the last of three condemned bridges of the suburban slum Laurentino 38 south of EUR, was pulled down 28 February in the latest phase of neighborhood renewal begun 10 May 2006 with the demolition of Bridge 10.

Now that all the three bridges have been demolished and their former occupants settled in shelters across the city, work will begin on restoring the remaining eight bridges and the buildings they connect.

A total of eleven bridges originally connected the housing blocks of Laurentino 38, a public housing area built in the early 1970s. Originally hailed for their groundbreaking design, the bridges later came to symbolize the poverty and decay that became rampant in the area following waves of occupation by marginalized Italians and poor immigrants.

In 2005, the city condemned the three most dilapidated bridges, Bridge 9, Bridge 10, and Bridge 11 as the first move in a neighborhood cleanup.