Italian women are discriminated against at work and when they look for work. These are the findings of a recently-published World Economic Forum survey on the gender gap index in 58 countries 30 developed and 28 emerging nations. Italy came 45th in the ratings for fairness, behind countries such as Zimbabwe, Thailand and Bangladesh. The top ten countries included Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

The survey considered equal pay, where Italian women came in 51st place, and access to work, where they came 49th. They came 41st on education offered to acquire skills required in the workplace. Only in health care for women does Italy come out well, in 11th place. The survey concluded that it was to be expected that women will have difficulty entering the labour market and enjoying economic opportunities, in countries such as Greece and Italy, where the culture is notoriously patriarchal.. however the survey shows that there is strong evidence that equal opportunities for women is linked to a country being capable of long-term growth and competitiveness.