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Ambrit  1920 x 116
Ambrit  1920 x 116
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Italy faces public transport strikes on 20 May

General strike on Friday to disrupt services by Italy's public and private transport companies.

Italy's transport sector faces disruption on Friday 20 May due to a national general strike to protest against the government's military spending on Ukraine which, trade unions say, would be better spent on increasing workers' wages.

Road and rail services could face delays and cancellations over 24 hours on Friday, with possible inconveniences also facing those travelling by air or by sea.

The nationwide action will affect local, regional and national transport systems, with strike schedules varying from city to city.

Italy's civil aviation authority (ENAC) said that flights would be guaranteed between 07.00 and 10.00 and from 18.00 to 21.00 but advised passengers to contact their airlines before travelling to the airport.

Train services provided by Trenitalia and Italo will be affected by the strike over a 24-hour period, from 21.00 on Thursday 19 May, with both companies guaranteeing certain services at peak times.

Rome's buses, trams and subways operated by ATAC face disruption throughout Friday however services are guaranteed during rush-hour periods: in the morning until 08.30, and from 17.00 to 20.00.

Bus services provided by Roma TPL in the capital's suburbs will also be affected on Friday, as will regional coach services operated by Cotral.

In Milan the strike will disrupt ATM public transport services from 08.45 to 15.00 and after 18.00.

In addition to strikes, there will be protests in Rome, Milan and cities across Italy on Friday.

For details of the Rome strike see the city's mobility agency website.

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