There are now 6.8 million unattached Italians between 25 and 64, and one in three has tried online dating in the search for a new companion. So says the latest survey from Parship, The company based these findings on a poll of 800 lonely hearts, most of whom are optimistic about their future and their quest for lasting relationships. Close on three quarters of those surveyed admitted to not having had sex in over seven months. And almost a third had been celibate for over three years. Nearly 10 per cent said this is the crux of the matter, though just under half felt that simple personal contact just someone to hug was the real issue on the physical front. In the hunt for a perfect mate, some 37 per cent were looking for someone the same age and would not budge more than a couple of years from their own age group. However, personal attributes such as honesty and faithfulness remained the key priorities for the lions share of lonely hearts, according to Parship.

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