The Italian region of Lombardy has released the results of a survey on how young couples are living and dividing the domestic chores. Conducted for them by three separate pollsters, 2,881 people between the ages of 21 and 34 were interviewed. The survey shows that there is inequality in the division of domestic labour and that traditional roles persist. The survey found that couples can be divided into four types. In the traditional couple made up 42 per cent of those interviewed the woman does not work outside the home and she receives very limited help from her partner. The collaborating couple 25 per cent of cases the woman works and gets some limited domestic help from her partner. The couple with a super-wife 16 per cent of the couples interviewed the woman works outside the home and runs the home unaided. Finally there are the equal couples, who make up 17 per cent of those interviewed, and who share all the domestic chores.

When it comes to car and motorcycle maintenance and repairs in the home, 70 per cent of the women interviewed said that it was done by their partner, 40 per cent of couples shop together and only four per cent of men do any ironing