One of the most famous paediatric hospitals in Rome the Bambino Ges has opened a new hostel where children from outside the city, who are receiving long treatment at the hospital, such as chemiotherapy or dialyses, may stay with their families. The hostel, a handsome building in Via degli Aldobrandeschi near Via Aurelia, has been made over to the hospital by the city council. There is accommodation in 17 family units on three floors, two play rooms, and common sitting rooms. The restructuring of the villa, which has its own gardens, has cost 856,000, all of which has been raised by voluntary associations, foundations and from the families of children who have received treatment at the hospital. The children and their families who stay at the villa will be transported to the hospital for their treatment in a shuttle bus. In the past children receiving treatment slept at the hospital often with an accompanying parent, but other family members, who wished to remain near to the child but had no-one with whom they could stay, sometimes had to to sleep in their cars.

Romes mayor, Walter Veltroni who was present at the inauguration said that he hoped to see similar hostels attached to all the Roman paediatric units in the future. He said that he expected the new hostel would be happy and bustling place where children would feel at home.

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