Regulations governing football stadiums with seating for 10,000 or more spectators will change next season.

The move follows the recent increase in football violence in Italy. In a drive to stop hooligans, electronic, numbered tickets will in future be issued with the name and details of the ticket holder. Tickets will only be sold by the stadium or by the football clubs playing in the match and they must be of a different colour for each area of the stadium.

As from next season there must be separate entries and exits for the spectators of opposing teams, and electronic gates must be installed to process up to 750 spectators each, one at a time. The various sectors of the stands must be divided from one another.

Video surveillance must be installed both inside and outside the stadium and film may be kept for up to seven days. The security forces at the stadium, to be coordinated by a police office, must be made up of one security operative to every 250 spectators.

Spectators will be prevented from invading the pitch by a trench two and a half metres deep and two and half metres wide, and a fence over one metre high, surrounding the pitch.

The ministers for the interior and for fine arts, culture and sport have presented these security measures and will work closely with the Olympic committee, the Italian football federation and the football league, to ensure that violence is not repeated next season.