The Rome fire brigade set fire to Manzoni metro station on 10 March as part of an experiment to test new smoke and carbon monoxide sensors. The experiment was the first of its kind in Italy in that real fire was used to test out whether security systems would function in an emergency situation on the metro. Manzoni station, between the stations of Vittorio Emanuele and S. Giovanni on the A line, is closed to the public for restoration work. Around 50 fire personnel took part in the test, which involved setting fire to a heap of wood to mimic a blaze on a metro train carriage while 50 sensors measured temperature, levels of monoxide and other elements. The fire was extinguished after 20 minutes. The results of the experiment will be analysed by the fire brigade and a team of experts from the polytechnic of Bari. Manzoni station is expected to reopen to the public following the completion of restoration work, which began in January 2006, some time in the next few months, but a precise date has yet to be set.