Via Tiburtina, between Rome and Tivoli, is the most dangerous of the citys roads, according to a study by Romes traffic authority, Sta, of traffic accidents in the capital last year, with just over 250 accidents that resulted in death or serious injury. Via Cristoforo Columbo, the main road to the suburb of EUR, was the second most dangerous, with just under 250 serious accidents, and Via Casilina to the east of the city was third with 230 accidents.

Other busy roads such as Via Cassia, Via Prenestina, Via Tuscolana and Via Aurelia were also the locations of 200 or more accidents during the year. Wednesdays and Thursdays were the most dangerous traffic days in the week and 75 per cent of the accidents happened between the hours of 08.00 and 20.00. Cars accounted for 72 per cent of accidents, and motorcycles and scooters accounted for 20 per cent, while one percent of the accidents involved buses, six per cent involved lorries and one per cent other vehicles.

In total there were 28,913 accidents within Romes ring road, the GRA, in 2003, accounting for 129 deaths and 13,675 injuries. More than 2 million cars and 700,000 scooters circulate in the city.