Troubled times for museums and libraries in Rome, as cutbacks are leading to staff shortages, waiting lists, and shorter opening times. In response to these numerous problems, the Italian labour union (UIL) will stage a protest entitled A rischio molti musei (Many Museums at Risk) on 21 June, aiming to secure a new law to better protect endangered culture heritage. A key union complaint is that Rome needs another 1,000 staff across the board. The national library needs another 80 staff and has cut services by 35 per cent since 1 March. The Baldini state library in Rome is lacking 13 staff and, according to director Silvia De Vincentiis, were at the back of the queue in terms of cultural heritage () we have no money and no investment. Elsewhere, many sites of historical interest are closed for lack of staff: Piramide Cestia, for example, is only open to the public on the second and fourth Saturday of every month.