Coronavirus in Italy: highest number of recoveries since beginning of pandemic

Highest number of recoveries in Italy since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic emergency. 

As of today a total of 75,528 coronavirus patients have been registered in Italy, with an increase of 1,648 compared to yesterday.

On Sunday the increase had been of 3,815 cases, more than double.

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11,591 people died, with an increase compared to yesterday of 812 casualties. On Sunday the increase had been of 756 deaths.

The number of people that has recovered from the infection has also grown. 14,620 people were cured in Italy after contracting the coronavirus, 1,590 more than yesterday. The highest number since the beginning of the pandemic emergency. 

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According to Deputy Minister for Health Pierpaolo Sileri "In these hours, remaining faithful to epidemiological data, we can see that the growing curve of infection is more linear, regular.  This means that according to our data and the elaborations of virologists and epidemiologists, we can expect to reach the peak in 7-10 days and can expect a decrease of new cases after that".

All data was presented during today’s evening press conference held by the Protezione Civile.

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