Coronavirus: Poland sends doctors to help Italy

Polish doctors to help Italy face Covid-19 emergency.

Poland is sending a team of 15 doctors to Italy on the afternoon of 30 March to help in the country's battle against Coronavirus.

Comprising three emergency teams, the doctors are specialists in intensive care and resuscitation, and will be working at hospitals in Brescia, one of the Italian cities worst hit by the Covid-19 crisis.

The medics will arrive at Bergamo airport on a humanitarian military flight sent by the Polish defence ministry, and the mission is financed fully by the Polish Military Medical Institute, according to the Giornale di Brescia.

"Poland remains at the side of Italy also in this battle, as it has always been in history" - said a note from the Polish embassy in Rome, as reported by Adnkronos.
"Many Polish doctors and nurses are already working side by side with their Italian colleagues in healthcare facilities throughout Italy, sharing their risks and sometimes paying the highest price. By sending its doctors, Poland wants to give further concrete support to the Italian health personnel, exhausted by the gigantic amount of work they have to face every day."

"The spirit of enormous sacrifice with which Italian doctors and paramedics are facing the crisis situation deserves the utmost respect and is an example for all of Europe. We must stick together. United we will get through this."