Top 5 things to do once the quarantine is lifted in Rome

Here's a list of 5 ideas that you can use to start planning your life for the upcoming months when the lockdown will be over.

As much as we are stuck inside now, the lockdown will indeed be over sooner than later and we'll be able to get back to enjoying this magical country.So why not take a moment and start thinking of some activities to celebrate! Here's a list of 5 ideas that you can use to start planning your life for the upcoming months when the lockdown will be over.

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'La Dolce Vita'

Dedicate a day to yourself and revisit your Roman favorites Audrey Hepburn style.Rent a Vespa and drive by the Colosseum, visit the 'Bocca della Verità', throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain or just wander around the city pretending to be a tourist for a day. While you are at it, try discovering a new neighborhood, one that is outside the touristic paths such as Garbatella or San Giovanni. After all, what can be better than getting lost in the cobblestone streets of Rome?

To get back to your exercise routine, go for a jog in Villa Borghese or cycle through the Tiber. If you are interested in something more uncommon, go up to the Janiculum Hill and enjoy the view. If you make It by noon, you can also listen to the Cannon fires.

For a change that is more long-term, visit the cat sanctuary in Largo Argentina to meet some furry friends. Did you know that during the Roman Empire, cats were considered as a symbol of independence? Take a few hours to get to know them, and who knows, you might fall in love with one of them or at least decide to foster one for a while!

Museums on your bucket list

Whether it's a museum or a monument that you still weren't able to cross off your bucket list, now it's time to proceed. Plus, with fewer tourists around you'll get to enjoy them from a different light. As sad as seeing the empty streets can be, try to look at the bright side and take that photo in front of the Colosseum without anyone photobombing you!After your day of cultural activities, book yourself a concert ticket. Teatro dell'Opera di Roma has a diverse summer program that takes place in Terme di Caracalla, so you can take your pick and enjoy the show in this amazing outdoor ambiance. The options are endless among Andrea Bocelli concerts, Robert Bolle's 'Bolle & Friends' dance shows, or classical operas such as 'The Barber of Seville' and 'Aida.'

A day of carbs

Cicero once said: 'Edamus, Bibamus, Gaudeamus: post mortem nulla voluptas - Let us eat, drink, enjoy life, after death there is no pleasure'.Eating and drinking is a significant part of the Italian culture. Indeed, we would all be lying if we said we didn't miss a good 'piatto di pasta'. So, on your first day out of the lockdown, take Cicero's advice and enjoy some of the delights of Italian food & drinks.

Start your day with a Cornetto from your favorite cafè, grab a gelato from your go-to Gelateria, have a slice of Roman pizza accompanied by a Suppli for lunch and finish the day by grabbing dinner at your local trattoria. In case you are up for a challenge, try taking an actual cooking class to master your recipe of carbonara. Accompanied by your very much-missed friends, it will be the ultimate activity for your fun reunion!

Shop, shop, shop till you drop

Reward yourself, and take yourself shopping in Campo Marzio! Stroll through the narrow streets for some Italian leather bags, vintage items or antiques. When you're done, visit the markets of Campo de Fiori for some fresh delicacies. Sample artisanal olive oils, vinegars and liquors or buy yourself some flowers to add a touch of summer to your house.If it is a Sunday, take a stroll at Mercato di Porta Portese in Trastevere, a flea market where you can find anything from furniture to clothing and enjoy the history behind it.

Remember to support small businesses though! They will offer you great quality Italian products and you will get to support the economy after the hardship that the country suffered.

Naples/Capri day trip

As we are continuing our days under lockdown, we are also approaching summer.So, go ahead and enjoy a day trip to the beautiful Capri island before the 'Ferragosto' crowds get going. You can easily reach Naples in an hour by a Frecciarossa/Italo train and take a ferry from the port of Naples to Capri. According to your personal preference, you can walk around Anacapri to enjoy the nature, stroll through Capri for some luxury shopping or go sunbathing in Marina Piccola.

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If you think it's too much of a challenge for one day, spend the day in Naples and enjoy the authentic architecture of the city accompanied by some delicious Neapolitan food. The famous 'Antica Pizzeria da Michele' is only a short walk away from the train station.The options are endless, so leave behind your lockdown memories and make a fresh start to your Italian life! Viva l'Italia!