Italy is making headway in IT use but can still do more, according to a report from the Associazione per la convergenza nei servizi di comunicazione or Anfov, an association that promotes and reports on internet use in Italy. Broadband use grew from 2.28 million lines in 2003 to 4.43 million in 2004, amounting to 7.8 high-speed lines per 100 inhabitants. But it still has some way to go to catch global leader South Korea with 14 lines per 100 inhabitants, and remains behind Germany (8) and France (10). Part of the delay, according to Anfov, is caused by the relatively low PC-ownership levels in Italy, especially among small businesses and in Italian homes. Some 42 per cent of the former now use computers but, on average, have fewer than 20 PCs. Under half (45 per cent) of Italian households, some 9.8 million families, have computers but only half of the 80 per cent that are connected to the internet use broadband. The report predicts that broadband will grow by 61 per cent over 2004-6, reaching a further 5.9 million families and 1.2 million businesses.