Not to be outdone by Paris and Berlin, Rome is bringing the seaside into the city, onto the banks of the river Tiber. From 18 June it will be possible to go to the beach below the walls of the Castel S. Angelo, hire an umbrella and a deck chair on the sand or the false lawn and swim in one of three pools, two for adults and one for children, which are being installed by the company that runs the tour boats on the river. From the Ponte S. Angelo to the Ponte Umberto 180 metres of river bank will become a Roman resort with the collaboration of the city, provincial and regional authorities.

There will be a Bau bau beach for dogs, a restaurant and bar, ping pong and billiards and on the other side of the river another restaurant, mini golf and bowling. The beach will be open until 17 September from 10.00 until 01.00, entrance free. Hire of two lounger-chairs and an umbrella will cost 10 and 3 to swim. Children up to eight years will not pay for the use of the pool.