Romes 5,000 registered blind people will now have the added assistance of audible signals at many of the citys key junctions. The number of audible traffic crossings is set to rise from 60 at present to some 470 over the coming months, installed at a cost of 5,000 per unit at 112 junctions around the city. Presenting the initiative, the head of public transport firm Atac-Sta, Fulvio Vento, announced the project would cost a total of 600,000 covering the 40-60 audible crossings due to be installed in 2006. However, the lack of raised pavement markers leading to the citys traffic lights remains a serious problem, according to Giulio Nardone, President of Italys Associazione Disabili Visivi (Association of the Visually Impaired). Public works councillor, Giancarlo DAlessandro, announced that the first raised pavement markers will be added in spring 2006.