The Rome and Lazio economy may be running well compared to the rest of Italy, but CNA, the confederation of artisan and small and medium businesses fear that it is beginning to slow. At their annual provincial conference they launched a five-point plan that would assist their members.

The plan includes setting up a showroom in the historic centre of Rome, where more than 1,000 artisans still have their workshops; marble cutters, lampshade makers, hand-made chocolate manufacturers, jewellers, picture frame makers and many others could all use the showroom to promote their produce.

The CNA call for the recognition of the Tiber delta as an industrial district. The area has become one of the principle centres for boat building, with more than 50 boat yards currently building small and medium boats for leisure, work and military purposes.

CNA suggests the transformation of the S. Lorenzo railway yard in Rome into a modern centre for the distribution of artisan goods to speed up the movement of goods and take traffic off the roads.

Finally the CNA calls for assistance to find suitable economic premises for new businesses and for easier access to credit for their members.