Anti-semitic banners were unfurled at Romes Olympic stadium on 29 Sunday January when the Roma football team played at home against Livorno. Less than 48 hours after the day of remembrance for the victims of the holocaust, swastikas and banners with Gott mit uns were smuggled into the match. Members of Romes Jewish community have asked for a meeting with Giuseppe Pisanu, minister for the interior, to demand an explanation as to why the new laws on behaviour at football matches were ignored and why the referee allowed the game to continue although the offensive, extreme right-wing slogans remained on display.

Extreme right-wing views have frequently been manifested at Rome football matches, and there is often trouble when either Roma or Lazio play against Livorno, which is regarded as politically to the far left. The president of Roma, Franco Sensi, has called on the teams fans to leave politics outside the stadium. The bad behaviour will cost Roma disciplinary action, and it may have to play a match behind closed doors, which would be for the second time this season.