Italy celebrates All Saints Day, or Ognissanti, on Wednesday 1 November with a public holiday. Public transport will run on the usual Sunday timetable and it is advisable to ring museums to check whether they are open individual museums have their own policy. The holiday is followed on 2 November by All Souls Day, or Commemorazione dei Defunti, which is not a public holiday.

The festival of All Saints, also known as "All Hallows," or "Hallowmas," is celebrated in honour all the saints and martyrs, known and unknown, a memorial day of sorts.

On All Saints Day, Catholics mourn their dearly departed and in many towns and villages throughout the country Italians still take part in a processions to the cemeteries to visit their family graves. The mourners leave flowers such as daisies and chrysanthemums on the tombs.

It is also traditional to open ones good wine on this day and partake in special desserts made especially for the occasion. Traditionally, on the eve of All Saints believers would not eat meat but would eat minestrone, dried fruit, roasted chestnuts and pomegranates.

Schools and most offices, including Wanted in Rome offices, will be closed for the occasion of All Saints Day on 1 November.

The majority of shops will also close for this day, however many supermarkets will remain open in the morning until 12.00-3.00.