Romes mayor, Walter Veltroni, has put the city councils information switchboard at the disposal of several organisations who arrange adoption at a distance, a system whereby individuals or groups can commit themselves to regularly funding the upkeep of a child or even a family in a third world or a disaster struck country. Following the devastating tidal wave in South East Asia ever more Italians are subscribing to this form of supportive action and now anyone interested in having more information may call 060606, the number for all city council information, and they will be given information and directed to contact one of the seventeen organisations who are arranging this form of support. Mayor Veltroni has reminded those interested that adoption at a distance should not be undertaken lightly, the commitment is for a long period and payments must be made regularly. The average donation is around 20 - 25 and must be guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months.

In the first three days of the campaign the city switchboard received almost three thousand calls.

See article by Laura Clarke, published in Wanted in Rome 5 March 2003 (articles on home page (

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