Over one thousand people have signed up for the new solitary register Res (Romani e solidali) launched on 15 February to create greater community links by matching up free resources with the needs of people living in Rome.

The large influx of telephone calls (060606) has called for the installation of more telephone lines, and from Saturday 11 March it will be possible to register on the website www.resroma.it. Among the first one thousand volunteers on the register, 59 per cent are women with the average age of the volunteers being between 33 and 40. Over 75 volunteers are less than 18 years of age whilst the oldest volunteer so far is a women of 86 years of age, offering her experience as an elementary-school teacher.

A total of 92 per cent of volunteers are Italians but organisers say that that the number of foreigners is also noteworthy. In so far as the services offered are concerned, 74 per cent are offering a professional service (many being teachers offering a few hours a week and doctors offering their services in the case of an emergency); 14 per cent are pensioners and 12 per cent are students.

To register either go to the Res offices in Via del Colosseo 41 or leave details and services on offer with the Res operators tel. 060606 (09.00-17.00). For more information see www.comune.roma.it