ExtraTeatro: Cyber Kids

21 March. ExtraTeatro, a Rome theatre company that produces shows in English for kids, is staging a musical called Cyber Kids at Teatro Don Bosco on 21 March. The 80-minute production is aimed at secondary school students, aged 12-18, and is centred on the topical and important issue of technology addiction. Tickets can be purchased online for €10 or at the box office for €12.

Synopsis: Like many kids Liz and Hank spend their days on social media. Lizzy works tirelessly on her instagram profile and Hank updates his youtube channel constantly. They would do anything to be popular. Their worried parents send them to a no-tech camp. Completely disconnected they share an unforgettable adventure where they confront their insecurities and identities offline. A contemporary show with lots of music video and poetry that reflects on today's society.

Music and lyrics by Jason Goodman; written and directed by Arianna De Giorgi; with cast Gabrielle Chiararo, Jason Goodman, Emma Gordon, Rishad Noorani. For more details see website.

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Address Via Publio Valerio, 63, 00175 Roma RM, Italy

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ExtraTeatro: Cyber Kids

Via Publio Valerio, 63, 00175 Roma RM, Italy