14-28 Nov 2004. This year the Jewish Cultural Days is launched by British cello player Stephen Isserlis in the synagogue on Rykestreet. The topic of the festival is Mendelssohn & Company with descendants of the famous Moses Mendelssohn present at the opening evening. Chamber and orchestra works as well as lieder (songs) by the little known composer Arnold Mendelssohn and performed by the Kaliningrad Symphonic Orchestra, are scheduled for 22 November in the Kalkscheune and the Maxim Gorki Theatre the day after. There is a world premier on 29 November, at the TIPI-tent near the Chancellors Office, of the first opera fragment by the famous composer Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, which he composed at the age of 11 in 1820. Another German premier is the unusual Cantique by Moses Metz Ensheim. This Hebrew hymn that praises the French Revolution was staged for the first time in 1792 in Metz to the melody of the Marseillaise.

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Address the synagogue on Rykestreet.

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18th Jewish Cultural Days.

the synagogue on Rykestreet.