A survey of the work experience and expectations of 1,400 Italians aged 18-30 has revealed that although 64 per cent of those interviewed had encountered great difficulty in finding employment, 77 per cent had some work experience.

The problem of finding a job was particularly difficult in the south of Italy, with only 17 per cent of those aged 18-20 having a permanent contract.

The majority of those interviewed who were working were happy with what they did, and did not expect to change their job or feel a need for any further training. Only 54 per cent of those questioned would be prepared to do further training during working hours, and only 24 per cent would consider further training if they were expected to pay for it themselves.

When questioned about what they felt they needed to improve their chances of finding a good job, 44 per cent said that they should speak a foreign language. Only 16 per cent felt the need to improve their ability to communicate, their capacity to organise their own work or their ability to work in a team.

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