A new register called Res (Romani e solidali) has been launched to create greater community links by matching up free resources with the needs of people living in Rome.

The idea is for both individuals and businesses to sign into the register stipulating the service they can offer free of charge. For example, language teachers could offer evening lessons once a week, drivers could offer to take the elderly to hospital and pediatricians could make home visits to sick children. People that feel they do not have a lot of time to offer are also being encouraged to register despite their busy schedule, as they could be called on for a one off emergency.

The services will then be put into an electronic database and matched with the needs and requests of people living in Rome who signed into the register. It is hoped that Res will kick into action in an emergency, sending sms messages to the wide network of contacts in order to deal quickly and efficiently with the problem.

Emails and sms messages will be regularly sent to all enrolled with the Res detailing activities.

To register either go to the Res offices in Via del Colosseo 41 or leave details and services on offer with the Res operators tel. 060606 (09.00-17.00). For more information see www.comune.roma.it