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Rome's Metro C: 25 risk trial over alleged €320 million fraud

Former Rome mayor Alemanno among 25 officials accused of fraud. 

Rome's public prosecutor has concluded a major investigation that has uncovered alleged fraud amounting to €320 million in relation to the construction of the capital's Metro C subway line.
As a result of the probe 25 people risk being indicted for fraud and corruption, including Gianni Alemanno who was mayor of Rome from 2008 until 2013.
Others potentially facing trial include Antonello Aurigemma - Alemanno's former transport councillor; and Guido Improta - the former transport councillor under Alemanno's successor Ignazio Marino; alongside other former high-ranking officials from the transport ministry, Roma Metropolitane and Metro C, in office at the time of the alleged crimes.
The investigation is centred around two payments for Metro C works, paid for with state, regional and municipal funds, and allegedly obtained using false documents.
The first payment was for €230 million in 2005; the second tranche under investigation was for €90 million in late 2013. Prosecutors allege that both transactions were obtained fraudulently.
As part of the corruption investigation prosecutors will also contest the recruitment of children and relatives of public officials linked to Metro C, according to Italian daily La Repubblica.
Alemanno has reportedly described the allegations as "baseless" and has asked to be "heard by the judges."
Metro C has been beset with difficulties since it began in 1990, from massive funding overspends to lengthy delays and abandonment of planned stations caused by the discovery of archaeological remains underground.
In May the city's mayor Virginia Raggi opened the long-awaited Metro C station at S. Giovanni, the 22nd station on the driverless line which runs from Pantono to Lodi.
The ultra-modern S. Giovanni station, which displays ancient artefacts discovered during its construction, is crucial to the capital’s overall underground network as it connects the C line with Metro A and the central Termini station.

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