Rome to upgrade area around Termini station

Works to be completed ahead of Papal Jubilee.

The adminstration of Rome's mayor Ignazio Marino has sanctioned a €4 million project to upgrade the area around the capital's central railway station Termini.

The works, which are scheduled to begin by the end of August, will focus on the streets surrounding Termini: Via Giolitti, Via Marsala and Via De Nicola.

Marino said the upgrading works will assure "more decorum and more security" for Romans as well as the "numerous visitors" expected during the upcoming Jubilee year.

The streets and pavements will be resurfaced and the drains cleared, while the city also plans to get tough with the illegal parking attendants operating in the area.

Via Marsala
Via Marsala by night

More parking spaces will be created for motorbikes and bicycles while the airport tourist buses are due to be relocated slightly, to avoid congestion around the station entrance on Via Marsala.

The works will also see an end to motorists parking on the streets surrounding Termini while dropping loved ones off at the station. Those who wish to reach Termini by car must use the so-called "kiss and ride" area, for a maximum of 15 minutes, at Piazza dei Cinquecento, the main square outside the station.

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