The senate and the chamber of deputies have given the go ahead for Romes 2016 summer Olympics bid. The motion was approved by all parties except the radical Lega Nord party, which advocates greater regional autonomy. City authorities have calculated that the cost of preparing the city for candidature will be around 40 million. In addition, the project would require a 400 million investment in sports facilities, as well as around 2.3 billion for the organisation of the games themselves should Rome be granted host status. So far, other cities set to compete with the Italian capital for the 2016 games are Madrid and Moscow. Cities can begin bidding for the event with the International Olympic Committee in 2007, and the winning candidate will be announced in October 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rome has hosted the summer Olympics once before, in 1960. Commenting on parliaments backing of the 2016 bid, Giuseppe Leoni, a founder of Lega Nord, said: Rome is a big thief in sport too. Milan pulled out of plans to run as a candidate earlier this year, leaving the way clear for the capital city.