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Rome remembers Gigi Proietti with street art

Where to find the Gigi Proietti murals in Rome.

When Gigi Proietti died on 2 November, on his 80th birthday, Rome was plunged into mourning for the much-loved actor, director, comedian and consummate showman.

His death, and more importantly his life, has led to a flurry of murals around the capital, from the city centre to the suburbs, featuring Proietti's grinning face and the characters he immortalised on stage and screen.

These homages to Proietti have been created by some of Rome's leading street artists, several of whom have had their work published as covers of Wanted in Rome magazine in recent years.

The most impressive mural was created by Lucamaleonte in the Tufello suburb, where Proietti spent his childhood, and was unveiled during a ceremony on 11 November.

Measuring 15 x 11 metres, the D'après Gigi mural was commissioned by the Lazio Region in collaboration with Rome housing authority Ater and the Roma Cares foundation of the football team AS Roma.

The colossal portrait by Lucamaleonte can be found on the gable end of a housing block on Via Tonale 6.

The first creative designer to pay homage to Proietti was Harry Greb, who is known to be quick off the mark when celebrating newly-deceased legends, such as Ennio Morricone.

Greb's work features a very young Proietti, during a scene of A me gli occhi, please, one of his most-loved shows.

Harry Greb's tribute to Proietti

The Roman actor is depicted together with sparrows and nightingales, and the mural can be found on Via Capraia in the Tufello suburb.

Street artist Laika paid tribute to Proietti with "a small gesture of gratitude for the last great King of Rome" in the historic centre.

Proietti by Laika. Photo InItalia-Virgilio.

Laika chose to portray Proietti as the character Mandrake from the 1976 cult classic film Febbre da Cavallo with a mural between Via della Tribuna di Tor de 'Specchi and Piazza d'Aracoeli at the entrance to what, in the film, was the bar of Gabriella, Mandrake's girlfriend.

A mural in honour of Proietti also appeared on Viale Jonio in the Montesacro / Tufello area. The work was created by Anna Maria Tierno, in collaboration with the association Arte e città a colori. A homage in colour to "Ar Cavaliere Nero".

Proietti mural by Anna Maria Tierno

Another mural dedicated to Proietti appeared on a wall in Piazza degli Euganei, once again in Tufello.The large portrait of the showman was made by PaT (Painters anomini Trullo) and Uman art, comprising Mario D’Amico and Manuela Merlo.

An anonymous tribute to Proietti, can also be found in Piazza degli Euganei, depicting Mandrake alongside a quotation by Proietti: “Ricordare è un mestiere rischioso, perché ha bisogno di stimoli forti."

Proietti by Maupal at Teatro Brancaccio

Last, but far from least, is a very successful portrait of Proietti painted on the shutter of Teatro Brancaccio on Via Merulana, where the Roman actor was artistic director from 2001 to 2007.

The portrait of a smiling Proietti - undoubtedly how he would wish to be remembered - was created by the well-known Roman street artist Maupal.

Cover photo Il Post

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