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Rome launches annual €50 travel pass for under 19s

Discount travel pass available from today.

Rome residents aged between 11 and 19 can avail of an annual travel pass for the capital's entire local public transport network at the discounted price of €50, the city said.

The initiative, which comes into effect from Thursday 7 September, is open to all 11- to 19-year-old residents (under 10s are free) for the annual rate of €50.

There is no deadline or "click day" to buy the new discounted ticket which can be purchased via the website of Rome public transport provider ATAC.

The ticket is available regardless of family income and there is no need to present the ISEE document showing the overall economic situation of households.

The travel pass can be used on all ATAC buses, subways and trams, on Rome TPL buses, Cotral buses and on regional trains serving urban routes. Children under 10 travel for free.

Rome mayor Roberto Gaultieri said the "revolutionary" initiative offers "young Romans the opportunity to move around the city at very low cost, just €4 a month, in a sustainable way".

Describing the measure as a "concrete help for families", he said the city would continue to "encourage the use of local public transport, improving it and making it more efficient day after day."

For more details see the city website.

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