Romans least happy in Europe with cleanliness of their city

Eurostat survey taken in 2015 during Marino administration.

Rome has come last out of 28 European capitals whose residents were asked to rate their satisfaction with the cleanliness of their city, according to a survey by Eurostat published on 21 May.
The poll was taken in 2015 when Ignazio Marino was mayor, prior to the present administration of Virginia Raggi, and was released as part of the current EU Green Week running from 21-25 May.
Residents of the European capitals were asked if they were "very satisfied, rather satisfied, rather unsatisfied or not at all satisfied" with the cleanliness of their city.
Inhabitants of Luxembourg were most satisfied (95 per cent) followed by Vienna (90 per cent) and Ljubljana (88 per cent), however only 9 per cent of Rome residents found their city clean enough.