Raggi world's most followed mayor on social media

Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi has almost a million Facebook followers.

With over 927,000 followers on Facebook and 180,000 fans on Instagram, Rome's first citizen Virginia Raggi is the mayor with the largest social media following in the world.

The figures are doubly significant given that Rome has far fewer inhabitants (about 2.8 million) than many of the cities of Raggi's "competitors" in the social media stakes.

In second place after Raggi is Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London (a capital with almost nine million inhabitants), with 721,660 followers, followed by Ada Colau Ballano, mayor of Barcelona, with 378,009 followers (in a city of 1.6 million inhabitants).

Bill De Blasio, mayor of New York (8.6 million residents) is in fourth place with 253,173 Facebook followers while Anne Hidalgo - first citizen of Paris (2.2 million inhabitants) - has 201,438 followers.

The Italian mayors with the most following on Facebook after Raggi are Luigi De Magistris in Naples, with 395,880 followers, and Chiara Appendino in Turin with 209,440.