S. Lorenzo, Romes popular student area, will be a limited traffic zone at night throughout the summer period.

Traffic restrictions are effective from 7 June and will continue Wednesday to Saturday between 21.00-03.00 however there will be the 141 night shuttle bus running.

Roads affected will include Via Tiburtina, Via dei Reti, Via dello Scalo di S. Lorenzo, Via di Porta Labicana and Piazzale Tiburtino. Cars can be parked at Largo Settimio Passamonti, which is located at the end of Viale dello Scalo di S. Lorenzo.

In order to keep noise and environmental pollution as well as traffic flow under control, the S. Lorenzo area will be limited to traffic from now until October, excluding the month of August.

The historic centre and Trastevere will also be limited to traffic on Friday and Saturday nights.

For more information contact ATAC on 800431784 or visit www.atac.roma.it.

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